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My Passions

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Last updated: 22-Sept-2020]

I have learned that being passionate about something leads to the next level – compassion, or empathy rather than sympathy, especially for yourself, and a feeling of Joy arises from deep within you. I am now working with what is positive in my life, rather than being caught up in opinions, perspectives, and toxic emotions – a totally freeing and delightful experience!  Please Click or Tap the Blue Links to learn more.

  • I am passionate about having fun, and having a wonderful partner who is right on my page.
  • I am passionate about the Services I Offer. This is the “work” I do, and I love doing it.
  • I am passionate working with Numerology for over 20 years, and I’m in my element teaching Numerology and doing Numerology Readings. The science is just so Accurate. See the Testimonials.
  • I have been passionate about Postie Fashions for over 20 years. Working as a Consultant and Manager has given me confidence in how I communicate with others.
  • I am passionate about sharing my Health and Wellness experiences in going from illness to wellness – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and realising they are all inter-related.
  • I am passionate about using and promoting the amazing Products from Natures Frequencies, which use Quantum Resonance Energy to help our bodies achieve Optimum health and wellness energetically.
  • I am passionate about using and promoting certified organic and toxin-free personal care products and Superfoods from Miessence which have helped change my life.
  •  I am passionate about helping Women in Business promote themselves.


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