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[Last updated: 19-May-2020]

I Love:

    ♥  Having Fun. 
    ♥  To dance and kick my heels up  🙂
    ♥  Being with like-minded people,
    ♥  Facilitating Intuitive Parties and Health and Wellness events,
    ♥  Organising and Giving life-changing Presentations,
    ♥  Helping people create their future by understanding their past with Numerology,

    ♥  Helping people become aware that they are in charge of their own healing. 

Please read My Story to see why these are What I Love Doing ♥

Many people have found what I offer very helpful to them, including:
♥  Intuitive Parties (minimum of 6 people),
♥  Presentations that are Life-Changing!
♥  A Personal Numerology Reading,
♥  Numerology Classes,
♥  Dream Interpretation,
♥  Guided Meditations (Recorded or Live),
♥  Personal and Group Channelling.

I also offer a Service for Employers to assess the suitability of a prospective employee for your Business, using Numerology.

For more information on any of the above, please contact me.

L Jo 🙂

Home About My Story My Passions Contact Me

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