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[Last updated: 19-May-2020]

This website was inspired by my personal journey from illness to wellness. It is my way of helping to create awareness of the things we do, use and consume in everyday life that make us sick and damage our bodies, and suggesting healthy alternatives. Our bodies heal themselves, given the right fuel.

My Passion is to elevate our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health to the best possible levels, and to share with others how they can help themselves. I come only from my personal experiences, and not from the opinions of others.

Everyone has choices. By making informed and appropriate choices, you are honouring your own body and contributing to the raising of awareness on our planet. 🙂

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I now feel the Joy of Life again, having come a long way since I was sick, and am passionate about sharing what I have learned and discovered through my own experiences. Thank you to those who are guiding me, teaching me, mentoring me, and supporting me.

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L Jo 🙂

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