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[Last updated: 07-Apr-2020]

How I began with Numerology.

In my late 30’s I was feeling restless, stuck and looking for “ME”. My youngest of 3 was at school, we had our own business, and we were renovating our house. We were travelling overseas and had lots of social outings. Sounds pretty cruisy!!

But I was also having Psychic attacks, and once I learnt what was happening, I had to learn how to deal with that. 

My children were growing up and developing their own personalties and we sometimes clashed. Was there a way that I could soften some learnings for them and for me ?

My search included having Uniting Church Bible Study, lessons with the Catholic Priest , I was baptised, discovered Reiki, became a Reiki Master, began to study Numerology, and learnt how to do my families Numerology charts.

I had a very good Numerology teacher, and I was so pleased that I could see what energies my children were under. I have done countless Numerology Readings for others, and I am now ready to share what I have learned by teaching others.  Please see my Testimonials  🙂

Numerology is a sacred science that has been practised for many thousands of years.

It can reveal:

  •  How you operate on a day-to-day basis;
  •  How others see you with their first impressions;
  •  Why you sometimes clash (with a family member), and more …

Did you know that your birth name can also reveal:

  •  How you see yourself;
  •  Your destiny;
  •  Your motivations, desires, and more …

Other personal number combinations can reveal when your energy will be at its best to enter into study, to work with or to have children, travel , move home and much more.

I am a qualified Numerologist with over 22 years experience, and am currently exploring Metaphysics. I have also been a Reiki Master for more than 20 years and have studied in Psychosomatics.

  • Numerology can be used to advise an employer whether a potential employee is suitable (or not) for a particular position.  If this service interests you, please click here.
  • Are you looking for work?  If you would like confirmation of your suitability for a particular job, position or career, please contact me.

To book the Numerology Course, please click or tap here, or to book a one-hour Numerology Reading either in person or by phone, please contact me.


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