The Body-Mind Connection


The Body-Mind Connection


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Last updated: 21-May-2020]

Thanks to the work with Epigenetics by the amazing Dr Bruce Lipton, we have solid scientific evidence of the role our Mind plays in controlling our Health and Wellbeing.  Check out this 2 minute video from Dr Lipton.

From Dr Lipton:  “Our health is not controlled by genetics. Conventional medicine is operating from an archaic view that we’re controlled by genes. This misunderstands the nature of how biology works”.  Please read Dr Lipton’s recent Newsletter on this subject.

If the function of the mind is to create coherence between our beliefs and our reality, it is no wonder that those who believe they are sick or think negative thoughts, continue to manifest this negative atmosphere. This can impact our relationships, health, and ability to experience joy in the world.

A good example, is that if we hold “acidic” (negative) thoughts in our Mind such as judgement, our taste buds will be attracted to acidic foods, and if we are “short-sighted” physically, we are focussed on what’s directly under our nose, rather than looking forward into the longer term.

If you are finding this concept hard to comprehend, then watch this Scientific Research on how our Emotions Shape Physical Reality.

What is the difference between our Mind and our Brain?   In very simple terms, our Brain is physical and controls the functions of our body. 

The Left part of our Brain deals with logic, sequencing, linear thinking, calculation, facts, and thinking in words.  It is What we Do, or Masculine in nature, expressed through the Right side of our Body.

The Right part of our Brain works with imagination, creativity, intuition, arts, rhythm, non-verbal cues, feelings, visualisation, daydreaming.  It is Why we Do Things – our Feminine nature, and is expressed through the Left side of our Body. 

The Corpus Callosum in the middle connects the two sides, and connects to our cellular structure.

Our Mind is Energy and connects to every cell in our physical body, and to the seven energy fields surrounding our body – known as Etheric bodies, or Auric Fields. When we are in close contact with another being, these fields overlap, and we can “feel” into them.

Our Spirituality is the Mind Relationship we have with All That Is – in other words, everythingIn Metaphysics, the human Mind has four areas:

  • the Conscious Mind, also called our Egoic Mind which directs our Left Brain, and is controlled by our negative ago, and creates our Thoughts, Perspectives, Beliefs and resulting Opinions.  It is all only illusion, based our our perception of reality.  
  • the Sub-conscious Mind is an energy field which stores the energy of our experiences in every cell in our Body, from conception to the present time.  It is often referred to as our “Inner Child” (or collection of Inner Children), whose unresolved adverse experiences impact on the cells in our body, causing illness and disease.
  • the Un-conscious Mind is an energy field in our Auric Field, which stores the energy of our experiences back to the beginning of time, and like the Subconscious Mind, influences our beliefs, our perspectives and our opinions.
  • The Higher Mind, or Higher Self is the Spark of Light that is Who we really are since the beginning of time, and is also within our Auric Field.  It is our Higher Mind that is our connection to all that is.

These definitions may be different to what is taught to mainstream medical doctors, psychiatrists,  pyschologists and many “spiritual teachers” in western civilisations.  Most non-western cultures have spiritual mystical and shamanic practices, rituals, ceremonies and oral teachings that have largely disappeared over time as the result of influence from western cultures.

Our bodies are designed to be self-healing.We can say with clarity, that all of our adverse experiences – particularly during childhood – shape our opinions, shape how we relate to everything, and subsequently impact the cells in our bodies, causing everything from pain and discomfort, through sickness, illness, disease and a variety of “conditions”, through to death.

Western medical doctors may be very good at recognising the symptoms our bodies exhibit.  They are trained to treat the symptoms, usually in the form of “pharmaceutical prescriptions” to manage the pain we experience.  From my experience – talking to lots of them – they are not trained in anything else you are reading about on these pages.

Those who can “see” into our Auric Fields with their pineal gland – also called the 3rd Eye – are referred to as clairvoyant, whereas a medium can “see” through the Auric fields into what is referred to as the “4th dimension” – an energy having no time or space and where our Spark of Light exists between our physical Lifetimes.  They can receive “messages” for us directly from those who have already passed on.

Click here to watch an excellent video about a study on Adverse Childhood Experiences, and the work of Dr Vincent Felitti.  See the questions asked in this study, and rate yourself.

A good example from experiences we know about, is that cancer is a mutation of healthy body cells, caused by unresolved anger and/or resentment, initiated by the perception of our experiences, which impacts on our immune system, which then cannot protect certain cells from mutating and becoming “cancerous”.  The experiences we know of who have resolved their anger and/or resentment create a healing of their immune system which then begins to destroy the “cancerous” cells.

Fact:  It is our immune system that heals our bodies – not synthetic chemicals which may give symptomatic pain management, and does not address the True Cause of cell degeneration.   Dr Bruce Lipton explains what does cause cell degeneration in this short video.

We can only heal ourself.  People who call themselves “healers” can only heal themselves, however they may be able to facilitate someone else to heal themselves.  Resolution of Inner Child mind/body memories through regression therapy and/or meditation are a good place to start the healing process.  It all starts with our Mind.

I have found a powerful spiritual healing tool for me – the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono healing process brought to the world through the work of Dr Hew Len Ihaleakala, via the DVD “The Secret” in 2006.  I have used this Mantra together with related Inner Child work as taught by Dr Hew Len Ihaleakala to free my Conscious, Unconscious and Subconscious Minds of what I was holding onto when all else I had tried failed.

Finally, I am clearing my negative thoughts and emotions and letting go.  I’m a “work-in-progress“.  The original ancient Hawaiian teachings of Ho’oponopono go back some 5,000 years, and today is protected through the Foundation of I.

My partner has met twice with Dr Hew Len Ihaleakala and learned that an incorrect version of the Ho’oponopono is being spread around the internet through a book called Zero Limits.  In the incorrect version of the Mantra, the word Me has been replaced by the word You, and this change very much diminishes and negates the power of the Ho’oponopono Mantra.

Although You may be what caused me to react, it is a mirror to what is not resolved within Me.  It is Me that needs to release this experience, so it’s really all about Me, and in doing so, the negative causal plane energy is transmuted.  I have heard the power and effects of the correct Mantra’s results from many people I have shared it with.

The correct Ho’ oponopono mantra follows, together with the Seven Spiritual Lores on which it is based.  Thank you to the GenesisPark Foundation for permission to share this material.  Click here to download them both in a 2-page document as a pdf  (use the arrows at the top left of the document to scroll pages).




Click here to download this 2-page document as a pdf.

What we offer on this website can assist your self-healing.


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