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[Last updated: 19-May-2020] 

After being frequently mis-diagnosed in my 20’s and 30’s with conditions such as lupus, diabetes, heart problems, IBS (irritable/leaky bowel), thyroid issues, chronic fatigue and more, and after then being told by a doctor to drink more coffee to stay awake, I decided it was time for me to take responsibility for my own health.

I am naturally inquisitive and I soon discovered that the commercially produced foods which most impacted me contained many chemicals that were toxic to my body, and were acidic.  This included processed foods, meats, dairy products, bakery items and soft drinks.  I began to eat more fruits and vegetables, reduced my intake of gluten and chemically-laden products, and my health began to improve.  That was the start.

Since those painful days, all of my “symptoms” have disappeared, and my well-being has greatly improved by researching, learning about and adopting what you are about to read, and along the way I have had some incredible experiences, and found some remarkable teachers. and mentors.

I then learned that all illness and disease thrives in an acidic human body, but cannot live in an alkaline human body. I discovered that almost all plant foods that were suitable for human consumption were alkaline (a few are not), and all animal products produced for human consumption were highly acidic Many were loaded with toxic chemicals such as preservatives, colouration, and farm chemicals – particularly processed meats.

I learned that all flesh we consume no matter what the source, turns putrid in our intestinal system, and eventually causes major health problems.  I learned that is why in the western world today, we have such an epidemic of gut health problems like I had.  I reduced my intake of acidic foods, steamed my vegetables instead of boiling or micro-waving them, slowly weaned myself off sugar substitutes, eggs, dairy products and certain bakery items I loved, and my health and well-being continued to improve.

A friend introduced me to Miessence Probiotics, and my immune system became super-boosted. I stopped getting “sick” from the headaches, nausea, colds, influenza (flu), lack of energy, gut-health issues and lots more. No more illness, fatigue, sickness or allergies. Even my skin began to clear up 🙂

I stopped using and taking antibiotics because I didn’t need to use them any more.  My body was now repairing itself.  In fact, I haven’t had or used an antibiotic product or prescription antibiotics now since 2004.

I stopped getting the allergic reactions I used to get. I learned that my B blood type is more sensitive to allergic reactions from acidic substances, and is more “chemically sensitive”.  An allergic reaction is simply your body telling you that you have used or consumed something your body does not like and does not know what to do with!

I learned that my body “talks to me”, and have learned how to listen to the messages.  Our bodies are Messengers, and will tell us by feedback when we have put something into or onto our bodies that it does not like, or cannot deal with.

For example, my body odours – my breath, perspiration, gas and “personal smells” used to smell bad to me.  This was very embarrassing and I was taught like most people to “cover up” the offensive smells with mouthwash, perfume, to use a deodorant and to wash myself frequently.  They masked and overpowered the symptoms my body was telling me about, however I really wanted to know why my body smelled “off” in the first place.  I discovered it was the acidic foods!

I learned about toxic chemicals like Fragrances and cleared up most of my skin irritations and blemishes by avoiding products with Fragrance and other chemicals in them, and choosing to replace them with certified organic plant-sourced products. This includes all my personal care, household cleaning and gardening products however it was my dietary change to plant-based foods that had the biggest impact.  Even the “smelly candles” had to go.

After making the choices you are reading about on this page, my body odours no longer smell “off” – in fact they are quite pleasant.  I’m not embarrassed any more and rarely need to use a deodorant, however I do love the smells of Certified Organic essential oils.

I discovered the taste and health benefits of 100% pure water. I now have my own reverse-osmosis filtration system, which produces about 10 litres per hour. The filter membrane is 0.0001 microns, there are absolutely no chemicals or minerals in the water, and an ultra-violet light kills any remaining traces of bacteria or viruses. I feel alive and vibrant, and my immune system and well-being are both improving all the time.

I now get all the Minerals I need from from Sea-Salt and vegetables. I learned that Sea Salt crystals have 84 organic minerals, in a consistent ratio and proportion. From a blood-scientist, I learned that healthy human blood has the same 84 organic minerals as Sea Salt, all in the same ratio and proportion. Is that a co-incidence?  My minerals are all now well-balanced. 

Then I discovered the Body-Mind Connection.  I began to notice that when I became judgemental or emotional about something, I was drawn to certain acidic foods. I learned that what I thought, believed and felt was affecting my body, and subsequently my health.  As the result of learning to listen to my body and learning meditation, I am now letting go of the thoughts and emotions that were impacting me through my taste buds.

When I stopped being judgemental or opinionated, I no longer craved acidic foods.  What a revelation!  I began to take meditation more seriously than I had, and started to relax more, letting go of old stored emotions.  I learned that there is a connection between my Body and Mind, and my SpiritualityI now love working with this and I know I’m on the right track.

There are many opinions on the internet about the impact of various Diets on human health. I discovered that almost all “diets” threw the human body out of balance, did not address the real reason the diet was started, and what you have read so far shows why most diets are not continued. I know that from personal experience, as I had tried a number of “fad diets” without success.  I have been mostly vegetarian for the past 8 years, and am now almost vegan.

Many non-western people know and show the health benefits of a plant-based diet. In our western world, the word “vegetarian” was coined by the founders of the British Vegetarian Society in 1842 and comes from the Latin word vegetus, meaning “whole, sound, fresh, or lively,” as in vegetus – “a mentally and physically vigorous person”. The original meaning of the word implies a balanced philosophical and moral sense of life – a lot more than just eating a plant-based diet.

The word “vegan” was originally derived from “vegetarian” in 1944 when Elsie Shrigley and Donald Watson, frustrated that the term “vegetarianism” had come to include the eating of dairy products, founded the UK Vegan Society.

Both original meanings had to do with improving human health and well-being, and both were about removing all animal products (all meats, fish, dairy, eggs, gelatine etc) from the human diet to achieve that.

Recently, “animal liberationists” have exposed the mistreatment of animals involved with the production of food and other products for human consumption and use, such as leather and honey, with the result that today, there appears to be little comprehension that their version of “vegan” foods may contain harmful chemicals and additives such as sugar (and sugar substitutes), gluten, preservatives, flavourings and synthetic chemicals in commercially-produced animal-free foods, or about the impact of micro-waving their “vegan” foods.

This can be clearly seen in the offerings from many new vegan cafes, restaurants and shops, and discussions about “veganism” on the internet and particularly on social media.

Being brought up on a dairy farm, I had my own “pets” – horses, cows, lambs, dogs, calves, pigs and wildlife, and learned to love and respect our animals. We treated all our animals in a humane and respectful way. However, my love and caring for animals has little to do with me becoming vegetarian or vegan, it was for my own health reasons.

I supplement ONLY with the Miessence Superfoods, and I love my Certified-Organic Leatherwood honey in my morning lemon drink (no bees were harmed or mis-treated). My food ratio now is approximately 90% alklaine and 10% acidic, I meditate several times per week, and do frequent creative visualisations with my body.

My partner has been vegetarian, then 95+% vegan for almost 20 years, with no supplements other than the Miessence Superfoods.  He is fitter and healthier than most people I have met of his age. He has had his body tested on several bio-feedback systems, and has been told from the results, that he has the strongest immune system of anyone they have tested, and he does not have any mineral or protein deficiencies.

I am convinced.  Much of what I have found in my research is in the Health & Wellness section of this website.  Please consider.

Update 30-Sept-2019:   Over the past year or so, I have been experiencing increasing dizziness if I am anywhere near a Smart Meter, and getting headaches and migraines whenever I am close to 4G and 5G towers, particularly the new “small cell” boxes that are being installed on power poles.  I have been able to reduce these symptoms considerably by what I discovered, learned and implemented at Solutions on my Radiation page.

L Jo 🙂


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