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Health and Wellness


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[Last updated: 13-Jan-2020]

Health and Wellness is not just about fitness.  The basics of creating and maintaining a healthy body are simple:  Alkalise or Die.   To get an overview, please read this 2 page extract from the book of the same name by Dr Theodore A. Baroody.

Next, check this extract out:  The Cure Is At Hand  by Ed Brown.

Now, go through a comprehensive List of Alkaline and Acidic Foods.

and the Relationship between your Immune System and Gut Health.

and the significance of the Body-Mind Connection to great health and wellness.

If you haven’t read it yet, please read My Story – my Journey to Wellness.

You have just learned more from the above links than many doctors and nutritionists know about the relationship between the Mind, Diet and Wellness.

But wait … there’s more! 

Are you aware of the ingredients in your personal care products that can affect your health?

Are you aware of  Products and Ingredients  that damage and harm the human body?

Are you aware of the effects of radiation from wireless devices, LED’s and microwaves?

Are you aware of the Benefits to your body of Pure, Clean Water?

Are you aware of the Benefits of Regular Fasting and Detoxifying your body?

Are you aware of the Toxic Damage to your body by Tatoos?

Good health is a choice you make.  Please browse our Library to learn more.

If you find this website helps you, please share it with those it may help. 

L Jo 🙂 

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