ElectroSmog – Radiation & EMF’s

Do you get frequent headaches, migraines or dizziness that you can’t explain? 

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[Last Updated 24-Oct-2019]

I first became concerned about the effects of EMF’s, also called ElectroSmog when I noticed I was getting frequent headaches again, and feeling like I had a hang-over when I hadn’t had any alcohol. I noticed it happened when I was within 50 metres of a smart meter.

After watching the awesome video Presentation by Dr Devra Davis in Melbourne, I implemented several options to protect myself against Electro-smog.  The headaches and dizziness were reduced, and I have since reduced the effects even furtherA six-minute “summary clip” from this very informative presentation can be viewed here.

This video is essential viewing for anyone wanting to learn about the effects of ElectroSmog – EMF / EMR / RFR from smart meters and mobile device operations, and particularly for those who do not understand the problem, or believe that it is a problem.  Now that 5G is here, it is all happening!

Radiation is “energy travelling in space” and is measured in wavelengths. 

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF/EMR/RFR) is energy that is emitted from many devices and appliances including baby monitors, cell phones, ear buds, laptops, wi-fi wearables, routers, printers and systems, microwave ovens, mobile phones, tablets and computers, LED screens including Flat-screen TVs, most homesmart devices“, electricity gas and watersmart meters“, all Cell-phone towers and especially “small-cell” transmittersThese devices all emit Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) which research has determined to be biologically harmful.  Read what the US Navy warns their sailors about RFROMG!  They know about this!

Ionising radiation is electromagnetic radiation with enough energy so that during an interaction with an atom, it can remove tightly bound electrons from the orbit of an atom, causing the atom to become charged or ionised.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to minimise the effects of EMF/EMR.  First, please educate yourself about this subject.  Start by checking our Radiation Links page, and view our Solutions page to see how you can protect yourself from this electro-smog.

There is a huge awakening happening about the effects on the human body of 4G and 5G mobile devices, as 5G is now being rolled out in Australia.  We are starting to hear horror stories from Tasmania and Townsville in QLD for example.

Manufacturers are required to include warnings about exposure with these devices, however  these warnings are often hard to find.  Thanks to Environmental Health Trust for highlighting them in their new appropriately titled website, Show Us The Fine Print and e-Book, What The Wireless Companies Don’t Want You to Know < Click to download as a .pdf). 

It is up to us individually and collectively to do our research and
then make informed choices to live a healthy life.


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