Dream Interpretation


We all dream.  But what is a Dream?  Most people go through four stages of sleep, and your body replenishes while you sleep.  Dreaming usually occurs during the fourth stage of sleep, known as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

Dreams are your Higher Mind’s way of giving you messages using your Unconscious Mind’s creative imagination, while your Conscious (egoic) Mind is “asleep” and out of the way.  In about 95% of dreams, the messages are interpreted using metaphors. We never “analyse” dreams – we interpret the metaphors for you, as the messages are personal and not generic.  In all cases, the messages are about something you may need to become aware of.

There are several different types of dreams – daydreams, prophetic dreams, lucid dreams, and nightmares.  Dreams can also re-occur, and frequently do until you “get the message”.

We have interpreted dreams for many years, and can give a written interpretation for you, by telephone, or by appointment.

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