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Numerology Testimonials


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[Last Updated 21-May-2021]

These Testimonials are voluntarily offered.

  • I stumbled across the recording of my Numerology Reading last night when I was looking for something else and listened to it again – OMGolly how powerful is the information.  I then wondered why I did not action anything at the time so I looked back over our diary and realised why – got caught up with LIFE and forgot about me !!  I have however been doing a mindfulness programme, and that has given me clarity, a sense of calm and now I am more conscious of what I need to do for me.  So revisiting this recording is perfect timing that is for sure.  Thank you & I look forward to practicing and listening to everything you have mentioned in the recording. I will listen again and take notes this time and follow even more what you told me way back when I obviously was not ready then but I certainly am now.  I am very grateful for the above xxxx    KH  05/21
  • Thank you Jo for my reading, it was very accurate and it helped me to sort out some things that are happening in my life. It was great to be given ways to help me overcome my past as it’s stopping me from moving on. Again thank you Jo.  C.R.  09/20
  • I have just completed a 7 week Numerology course with Jo, and it was amazing!  Jo has over 20 years of experience working with numbers and her knowledge is incredible. I am not really a numbers person, but I was interested in learning the meanings behind them. The course was excellent, and Jo explained everything so well, and was always open to questions.
    After the course I decided that I would have a numerology reading with Jo, to gain a further understanding, and I was so happy I did. The reading was so accurate!! Described me to a tee. Numerology can be confusing if not taught well, but Jo is an incredible teacher, making it all so interesting and easy to understand.  Thank you so much for teaching me the meaning behind my numbers. xxxx  T.M.   06/2020
  • “Thank you Jo.  Your insights are spot on. It’s good to have someone to be accountable to!   I know what I need to do and I’m sure you’ll keep reminding me from time to time!”   K.L.  06/2020
  • “I just had a soak in the bath and ran through the numbers and ask my spirit guides to come through and give me a hand guide me in the right direction. I totally love this and want to progress through it, can’t wait till you are both up this way and we can have a cuppa together ? I want to thank you for talking to me on the day of the expo I was on such a high that afternoon when I left, you have helped me so much with my life and realisations over the past couple of months thank you just doesn’t cut how grateful I am.”   (Numerology Course)  T.C.    06/2020
  • “Thank you Joanne for my reading, it was very accurate and gave me great insight into how I have thought and felt for many years and things seem so much clearer now.  This will help to guide me to grow and help strengthen me in many areas of my life, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”   M.M.   06/2020
  • “Had a great reading with Jo, it was so accurate, giving me lots of information from my past about when and why things had happened. She was also able to give me some great insight into the future and the different phases coming up in my life and how to prepare and what to expect. So worthwhile. Thanks Jo.”  M.O.  05/2020
  • “Joanne recently did a reading for me which was amazingly so detailed with dates of different stages of my entire life. This gave me a better understanding of reasons for life issues and illness. The information also gave me more confidence in myself as I could feel changes in life with some of the dates and in particularly now hence reaching out to Joanne. I found Joanne to be very natural who knows what she is talking about. Joanne was very approachable when I needed clarification and asked questions she was able to explain things to me at a deeper level.   Thank you Joanne, I will recommend you.  Kind regards, “  J.O.   05/2020
  • I was speaking to my husband about the no. 3 keywords and phrases and he says he can relate to everything (being a ruling 30/3)!  Fascinating.  He is keen to learn about my ruling no. 4 now. This is going to be so useful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.   K.L.  (05/20).
  • “I decided to have a Numerology Reading with Joanne Roles recently as I felt stuck as I keep going round in circles throughout my life.  During the session there were a number of “aaahh” moments, however Jo mentioned something that has been alluding me. I was so grateful to hear the confirmation of what I have wanted to achieved and now realised that is what I’ve been hankering for about 30+ years. So I’m excited to follow my heart now especially with the knowledge and tools that Jo suggested. Now time for me to take action.  I was so grateful for the session that I organised a Numerology Reading session for my daughter who is going through a challenging time. She also was very impressed.  So grateful Jo, to be able to listen to your wisdom and have the chance to ask questions. Many thanks.”   V.B. – 4/2020

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