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Last updated: 28-January-2022]

These revolutionary Tesla Quantum Energy products have made an amazing improvement to our own health and well-being particularly in helping our bodies overcome the effects of EMF Radiation, and we are delighted that you can purchase them on-line directly from the manufacturer.

Since 2013, Natures Frequencies has manufactured and private labelled Quantum Energy products for doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, medical practitioners and companies around the world. Their goal has been to use innovative US Patented Tesla Technologies to produce products to naturally help with some of the major issues of our planet, our health, and food waste. They are now offering direct sales of their International award-winning products to you, shipped from a warehouse in QLD.

You can learn more about Natures Frequencies, and/or purchase these products here:  click or tap

“The future of Medicine is about Frequencies and Wavelengths”

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