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[Last Updated 14-Jul-2020]

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These Videos feature Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors and other Medical professionals speaking about the amazing results they are getting using Natures Frequencies Quantum Resonance Energy Products with their clients.

Conference on Product Uses and Demonstrations  (65 mins)  EMF Shield, Earthing Card, Food Freshness Card.   Must Watch!

Company Address  (32 mins)   Moving Forward !

5G and EMF Protection  (3 mins) – Wow!

Relief Patch applied to a Live Blood Sample  (2 mins)   This Shows Why They Work!

Conference on the CBD Patch  (42 mins)

Conference on the EMF Shields, 5G and EMF’s  (44 mins)

Conference on the Food Freshness Card  (46 mins)  – This card has won the prestigious US Gold Edison Award, and many other awards

Conference on the Earthing Card  (70 mins)

Conference on the Nitro Patch  (50 mins)

Conference on the Sleep Patch  (47 mins)

Conference on the Relief Patch  (52 mins)



More Videos Coming Soon!

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