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Last updated: 11-Feb-2020]

Q: Who is Natures Frequencies ?

A:   Their words … Beginning in 2013, Natures Frequencies has manufactured and private labelled products for doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, medical practitioners and companies around the world. Our goal has always been to use our innovative US Patented Tesla Technologies to produce US made products to naturally help with some of the major issues of our planet, health, and food waste.

Q: What Is the Technology Behind Natures Frequencies Products?

A:  The Award-winning Natures Frequencies Quantum Resonance Technology is Patented.    (There is more coming on the technology).

Q: How do you know Nature’s Frequencies Products work?

A: We have personally tested most of them, and can confirm that they work as stated by Natures Frequencies. Please see our Testimonials Page. If you are as delighted with the products as we are, we invite you to share your Testimonial with us, and to share these amazing Products with others.

Q: How Long Do Nature’s Frequencies Products Last?

A: These dates apply from opening the packet, and are an approximate guide.

  • Earthing Card – a minimum of 3 years
  • EMF patches, and Freshness Card – about 1 year.
  • Relief, Nitro and Burn patchesofficially 48 to 72 hours after application of a patch, however our experience and that of others, is anything up to 7 days.

Q: Can I purchase Natures Frequencies Products in Retail shops?

A:  No.  Natures Frequencies Products are only available by referral from a Natures Frequencies Affiliate. To make your first purchase, you will need a Referrer’s Affiliate ID, and/or a Referrer’s Affiliates web-link.  Our Affiliate ID is 687975

Q: How do I purchase Natures Frequencies Products?

A:  Avoid getting confused or lost!  Read our Clear and Concise Guide To Ordering  << click to display/download as a PDF which steps you through Joining and/or Placing your First Order.

Q: How Do I Use Natures Frequencies Products?

A: Suggestions for use are included with every product.

Q: Am I Required to Place a Monthly Order with Natures Frequencies?

A:  Apart from their First Order, Natures Frequencies Affiliates can order anything, anytime.  To Earn from the lucrative Binary Pay Plan by referring others,  Affiliates are required to be Active.  For full details, Read our Clear and Concise Guide To Ordering.

Q: What if I am not happy with the Products and want a refund?

A: Natures Frequencies Refund Policies are clearly laid out in the Company’s Terms and Conditions documents.

Q: What is the best way to share these Products?

A: Natures Frequencies Products are best shared “face to face” with people, telling them of your own personal experiences, or experiences you are personally aware of.  They will then want to buy their own Products account on-line using your Natures Frequencies web-link.

Q: What Training on Natures Frequencies is available?

A: We are committed to providing support for those we personally refer to Natures Frequencies, and help you learn, as you will hopefully do for your people when they Join.  Please visit our How To Pages  to learn what you need to know if you wish to recommend Natures Frequencies products to others.

Q: How Do I Join Natures Frequencies private Facebook page?

A: You need to be Invited. If you wish to be Invited, please contact the person who invited or referred you.

Q: Is this a Pyramid Scheme?

A: Absolutely not!  It is a valid Affiliate Marketing Program.  Pyramid schemes are illegal in many countries, including Australia. Natures Frequencies is in full compliance with Australian laws, and Affiliates are only paid from Product sales and Growth Bonuses, just like a shop owner makes profit on sales. Click here to read what Wikipedia says about Pyramid Schemes. For more information on the Natures Frequencies Affiliate Pay Plan, login to and click Comp Plan which is under OPPORTUNITY. If you need additional information, please contact me.

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