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[Last updated: 21-May-2020]

Have you ever felt like you were at a dead-end, with nowhere to go? Sometimes feeling lost or un-loved or un-supported?

I know how you feel … I’ve been there.  I began waking up to my Spirituality when I was feeling like that, first by beginning to notice certain messages and synchronicities and becoming interested in card readings, palm readings and crystals.  I began to meet people who could answer my questions, and knew I was heading in the right direction. Then I discovered Numerology and haven’t looked back 🙂

I have learned since then that Spirituality is about Waking Up and Becoming Aware by Raising Our Vibration.  It is the journey of our relationships with All-That-Is (everything), and we grow through our physical, mental and emotional experiences.  It is individually different and personal for each of us, even though some paths can seem similar.  The Journey is about connecting to our Knowing (intuition), and bringing it into balance with Left Brain Knowledge (logic)

It is about Finding Ourself.  Our True Self is right there, buried under cultural conditioning, other people’s opinions, and inaccurate conclusions we draw as a child that became our beliefs about who we are. 

Finding Ourself is actually returning to ourself, an un-learning, a remembering who we were before the world got its hands on us.

We are all part of a Spiritual Family which reincarnates over and over, and that Spiritual Family is part of a much larger Soul Family, which extends across our Universe.  That Soul Family is part of a larger Soul Family of the Cosmos – the energy of “Goddess”.

Our Spirit is that Spark-of-Life (light) that maintains the life-force for our bodies, and is masculine in nature.  Our Spirit works through our Higher Mind (or Higher Self) and guides us to learn rituals and ceremonies, working with the energies of physical objects, and the learning of knowledge.  As all ancient spiritual practices are rooted in nature, shamanism is the method by which we as human beings can strengthen that natural connection.  Our Spirit works with our Guides to this end.

Our Soul is that part of us that is Feminine in nature, and can only be reached by the journey within, or through the  rituals of Mysticism, such as Meditation, Intuition, learning to connect to our Knowing.  The Soul holds the energies that support our actions, whatever choices we make. By nurturing ourselves, we nurture our Soul – the Goddess within us all.

This is what happens when we start Waking Up and Becoming Aware.

♥  We Develop A Strong Urge To Explore Our Individuality.  As we go through a spiritual awakening, we start having an unrelenting desire to detach from limited thinking and explore our own philosophies and spirituality more.

♥  We Begin Wanting To Give Up Harmful Habits.  We begin to realise that we cannot become our best self with toxic substances or toxic people weighing us down. We do not need anything external to make us feel happy, we feel an inner peace and strength.

♥ Heavy Emotions Come To The Surface.  A Spiritual Journey involves looking deep within ourselves and sometimes this may mean opening old emotional wounds in order to deal with our past and move on.

♥  The Word Around Us No Longer Makes Sense.  When we go out to a restaurant, movie, grocery store or bank we start to see these things as meaningless and harmful to the greater purpose we have found in life. Material objects don’t matter so much. We feel a strong connection to the Earth and all its beings. Being in Nature will calm and soothe us. We feel creative.

♥  We Feel a Need To Change Jobs or Careers.  One of the biggest transformations people go through during vibrational shifts is a longing to get out of their current job, and into one that fulfils their true purpose.

♥  We Desire To Spend More Time Alone.  We become ultra-sensitive to the energies of others, and sometimes being around other people drains our energy. We don’t have time anymore for negativity and drama.

♥  We Begin To Recognise Synchronicities.  We start recognising repeating numbers more frequently. The Universe is letting us know that we are on the right path. If we have a song in our head and then hear it on the radio or TV, we are experiencing synchronicity. We are tuning in to the Earth’s energies.

After vibrationally down-stepping through this cycle of time in order to experience and grow, we have forgotten the true connection to our Soul. We have been overtaken by physical needs fed by our developing Egoic Conscious Mind. In recent times, examples are the need to “acquire wealth”, the need to show how good we are, our “needs” regarding relationships, and our need to succeed in the Illusions we have created.  It is by experiencing the Journey of the Spiritual Lores through Victim to Martyr to “Just Is”, that we can reconnect to our Soul through the desires of our Heart, based in Gratitude.

The spiritual journey enables us to know:

  • “who am I?”,
  • “where did I come from?”,
  • “why did I choose this life?” and
  • “where am I going to?”

Ancient spiritual folklore has both Spiritual Lore and Moral Law to guide us on our Journey.

Spiritual Lore has seven hierarchic levels, that are the basis of all Ancient teaching for humanity (hover your mouse over each for expansion):

  • The Lore of Freewill and Choice
  • The Lore of Karma
  • The Law of Attraction
  • The Lore of Compassion
  • The Lore of Forgiveness
  • The Lore of Love
  • The Lore of Transmutation, or Gratitude.”

Hierarchic in this context, means that we can only “master” a level when we have “mastered” the previous level.  The Journey is made through the seven Lores in cycles using our Experiences, until Mastery occurs.  We “Shine Our Light” on our pathway to Integrity.

Moral Law was given as a human “code of behavioural conduct” associated with the Lore of Freewill and Choice, and given to us to follow while our Mind was developing:

  • Do not Lie
  • Do not Cheat
  • Do Not Steal
  • Do not Hurt anyone or anything
  • Do not Kill anyone or anything

If we violate or break any of these Laws, we invoke the Lore of Karma that starts or restarts our cycle through the Lores.  Every choice we make that is away from “Just Is”, invokes the Lore of Karma.

Meditation is the starting point, and is the basic tool used to explore our relationships with All-That-Is.  There are many other Shamanic and Mystical experiences and practices to learn on this Journey as a human towards re-unification with our Source.

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