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“Thank you so much for making your dream products. They’re now my dream products too! I have always had very sensitive skin and have had numerous occasions of being mildly burnt by skin products. I am also extremely sensitive to wheat and a coeliac.

Even things derived from grain such as vitamin E keep me up at night, make me itch and give me anxiety. Some products give me full on severe gluten reactions. I realised that I was eating very small amounts of my products. My little boy is too.

We have been down to using plain soap and bicarbonate of soda and apple cider vinegar to get ourselves clean.  My hands were dry from lots of water exposure being a Mum, as you would know, Bicarb doesn’t work in hard water so when I travel I’ve just put up with shampoo and itchy skin.

I really don’t like chemicals and synthetic fragrance. There is a history of serious autoimmune disease in my family. This stuff matters to me just as much as what we eat and I can honestly say that we are exceptional in that area. The health of my family is my top concern. I have a completely gluten free home.

The thing is that we can use your products. My skin is healing and looks calm and less red. My baby’s eczema is much better and my little boy exclaimed: “Mummy, I’m clean!”    I nearly cried.

Thanks for doing all the things that should just be routine. Such as cleaning well between batches, writing in plain english what ingredients are and making it easy for me to work out what we can and can’t use. The wheat free thing is just huge for us and while I understand that no product will be suitable for absolutely everyone I think your products might be as close as humanely possible.

So Thank You.

W. H.

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