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[Last updated: 17-May-2022]

Ordering of Miessence products has changed.  Please click or tap this link for details.

Note:  Miessence products are manufactured in Australia by one.organic

Q:   Which ingredients does Miessence use in its Products?

A:   Click here for a full listing and description of Miessence clean, toxin-free and certified organic ingredients.

Q:   Which ingredients does Miessence NOT use in its Products?

A:   Click here for a listing of ingredients that Miessence shuns.  Hazardous ingredients have direct quotes from the internationally recognised Materials Safety Data Sheets.  Many cosmetic ingredients are known to cause skin irritations and/or are known carcinogens  Check all of the ingredients in every product you use, and use anything listed here at your own risk!

Q:   If I have created an Account as a Customer, get to love the Products and wish to refer my friends to Miessence, how can I become a Representative?

A:   This has changed.  Please contact me if you wish to Refer others to Miessence products.

If you have any other Questions, please fill in your details and message, and then Send this Form to us. We aim to respond within two days.  We use this form to reduce SPAM emails, and reduce the chances of being hacked. 

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