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Miessence’s Collaboration with Inner Origin

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What You Need To Know

[Last updated: 28-May-2020]

In February 2020, One Group, the Parent company of Miessence, announced that from 1st March 2020, Miessence products would be marketed and distributed by the Sydney company InnerOrigin, however some slow-selling products may be discontinued.

InnerOrigin is a “one-stop” on-line health and wellness shop carrying a range of  products from a number of manufacturers.

For former or current users of Miessence products, what does this mean for you?

In a call with Narelle and Alf on May 28th 2020, we learned that:

  • The Miessence-InnerOrigin collaboration has not been as smooth as planned, because of a number of factors.
  • The Miessence website will continue.  You do not need to order Miessence products from InnerOrigin.  You can order your Miessence products in the normal way.  Most Miessence products that were “out of stock” are back in stock again.
  • With the world sourcing more good foods, the Miessence Superfoods range sold out very quickly and shipments of raw products have been delayed getting to the factory. We ask that you have patience as they are expected to be available again soon.
  • Miessence will shortly be introducing a new Affiliate program, which will replace the current MLM program.  Details are yet to be announced.  Alf suggested that “those wishing to purchase Miessence products and pursue the MLM model should consider InnerOrigin”, which will sell selected Miessence products.
  • If you would like to order your favourite Miessence products as well as any of the InnerOrigin range, then consider using the InnerOrigin website.
  • Our personal choice is to continue with Miessence only, as the InnerOrigin product range mostly does not appeal to us.
  • Our alternative is to use Quantum Energy products, which very much appeal to us.  Click the link for more information.

Thank you for your patience at this trying time for us all personally,

Please Contact Me if I can be of any help to you with product knowledge, availability and ordering, or go to

Thank you for using Miessence products and we hope you will continue to do so.

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