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[Last updated: 18-Oct-2020]

Mipassion recommends Miessence products
Leading the world with Certified Organic products.

Miessence products are made on the Gold Coast of Queensland. Enjoy these certified organic products knowing that you are using the most potent, freshest and purest products on the planet!

Checkout the Ingredients that Miessence uses, and the Ingredients Miessence Does Not Use.

In October 2020, Miessence broadened their marketing, and changed the original MLM marketing plan to an Affiliate Program.

  • If you have purchased Miessence as a Representative, or have purchased as an on-line Retail Customer, please click here to Login and continue to order One Group’s Miessence Products.
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  • If you are new to Miessence and would like to order Miessence products, please click here.
  • If I can assist you in any way, please contact me.

Thank you for using toxin-free Miessence products.

L Jo 🙂

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