Alkalise or Die

Alkalise or Die

From the book by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody

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The countless names attached to illness do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause……..too much tissue ACID WASTE in the body.

Unfortunately, waste acids, that are not eliminated when they should be, are reabsorbed from the colon into the liver and put back into general circulation. They then deposit in the tissues.

Whether a substance is acid or alkaline is determined by its pH which measures the number of hydroxyl ions which are negative and alkaline-forming as opposed to the amount of hydrogen ions that are positive and acid forming.

PH is the measurement of electrical resistances between negative and positive ions in the body.

We are vibrating beings. The stronger the inner vibration, the healthier we are. The amplitude of body electricity alters in exact proportion to the amount of alkaline and acid forming chemicals at any one moment.

After food is digested it is carried to the tissues where it is oxidised. The alkaline reserve is only a backup system with limited quantity to keep you from constantly poisoning yourself with too much acid forming food.

The ideal in dietary health is to eat as much fresh raw food as possible. Enzymes in fresh raw food are what make it digest properly. But cooking destroys enzymes.

An optimum diet…… 75% fresh and raw foods and 25% cooked foods

Mucous or acid forming:

  • Any refined, processed., enriched, chemicalized, or preserved foods ,sugars, salts

  • Meat

  • Dairy products

  • Wheat

  • Eggs

Eat only when hungry. Under-eating should be the basic rule. This means to leave the table a little hungry. Moderation in the quantity of food.

As houses well stored with provisions are likely to be full of mice, so the bodies of those who eat much are full of diseases. One meal a day is enough for a lion it ought to be enough for a man.

Colonic irrigations are recommended at least one per week for the next two years. Fast at least one day every two weeks. Ten-day fasts are recommended at the change of every season.

Negative ions are alkaline forming.

It is even better for the body if you find organic food grown in your own area. Cultivate your own garden.

Pushing the body into a highly acidic state through exercise is only wise if it is already in relatively good condition.

Exercising with good aerobic activity to just before the point of exhaustion creates an alkaline reaction because of the increased oxygenation. If we exercise past this point the body releases excess stored acidity.

Generalised fatigue; weakness and malaise are the results of an overly acid body. These waste acids accumulate over years if too many acid foods are eaten, stomach malabsorption, lack of water and constipation.When acidity has reached the level of long term weakness and fatigue, the body is on its way to a more serious illness. Generalised aches and pains often diagnosed as arthritis and fibrositis are nothing but acid accumulators that are present in the system.

Once the body has become accustomed to exercise, it craves it, for it pumps all organs and glands. Hormonal and digestive functions increase. Proper acid alkaline balance is restored.

The more intense the physical trauma the more acid produced in the body. Never underestimate the effect of even a medium shock. For when you are physically injured you are also emotionally injured and both result in acid forming waste. Emotional trauma can cause as much or more acid forming poison as the physical injury.

AN ABERRANT VIRUS, FUNGUS OR BACTERIA IN THE BODY CAN ONLY SURVIVE IN AN ACID ENVIRONMENT. They are opportunists that eat waste acids and create even more acidity with their own wastes.

Sunlight- at least a half to an hour of direct sunlight a day is a prerequisite to produce proper hormonal levels and assist alkaline acid balance. The moonlight is very alkalising.

Our bodies are composed of the same materials that form the sun and the moon. Our hearts are rhythmically tuned to the pulsations of gold and white light.

A soothing light massage is alkalising. A deep massage is acid realising because it releases acid wastes more quickly than the body can expel them thus causing muscle soreness.

Any stressor that the mind or body interprets as too much to deal with, leaves an acid residue. Even a mild stressor can cause a partial or total acid forming reaction.

When the system is placed in a fighting posture with no adversary present, excessive hormones are generated causing contraction of muscles and a redirection of digestive forces. Therefore even alkaline forming food becomes acidic. Improper metabolism in the cell forms acid which is not eliminated quickly enough, lessening oxygen intake into the individual cell causing cellular breakdown. Blood and lymph flows are altered. As a consequence oxygen and nutrients are not carried to the cells nor taken away at the rate they should be.

All emotions, thought and feelings whatever kind are felt in the physical body. Those, which are inharmonious, produce acid reactions. Consequently the amount of acidity produced is directly proportional to these counterproductive energies. Intense emotion is not wrong in itself, but to hold on to it stubbornly always creates more acidity leading to illness and pain.

Inharmonious states produce a destabilisation within the cellular structure and the acid level is increased many fold. Further this acidic by-product is produced all over the body. When hostility is aimed toward another the body of the sender is the one adversely affected. The greater the intensity of hostility the greater the amount of acid produced.

Fortunately there is a way to balance dissident feelings. Hold your attention one inch below the navel imagine a single dot there. Do this for 10 to 30 secs. By holding this point you centre the mind and quiet the body and actually produce a remarkable reaction in the hormonal system. Instantly the alkaline enzyme,CHYLE is released throughout the body via the lymphatic system.

Chyle alkalises the body, strengthens every muscle and organises the thought processes. This will make you both relaxed and empowered.

Holding one point creates a state of constant peace. After consistent practice the body begins to integrate centredness. You can achieve the same state by saying a sincere prayer to God Constant vigilance against inharmonious thoughts and feelings alkalises the body and constructs a stronger healthier body.

Drugs are deadlier than being gunshot. They offer illusive strength and the delusion of spirituality. The short term acid-forming high achieved from them actually unravels DNA. From drugs you not only lose your health and eventually your life, you also lose who you are and why you are here. And most importantly you lose your alignment with God the source of alkaline joy.

It is very possible to have continuous cellular regeneration. The idea is not so far fetched as it may sound. In other words by transmuting our destructive emotional natures and harmonising our diets and emotions with God (or Divine Source), cellular regeneration will outnumber cellular degeneration on a daily or weekly basis. This equates to constant physical youthening.

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