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I present and facilitate a number of Presentations and Workshops on what I have learned.  Click or tap on a Title for more details.  My confirmed public events are listed on this website at the Events tab at the top of the page.

To arrange for any of the following events to be run for you and your friends, please Contact Me.

  ♠  Ingredients Detective – learn to identify toxic ingredients in products we use everyday.
  ♠  Organic Revolution – people are waking up to the perils of toxic chemicals we ingest.
  ♠  Our Body Is A Messenger – learn to interpret the Messages our bodies give us.

I also organise Presentations on behalf of the GenesisPark Foundation, which include:

  ♠  An Afternoon (or Evening) of Enlightenment – An Introduction to the Real world around us.
  ♠  The Ultimate Game – An Real “Eye-Opener” to what is really going on in the world.
  ♠  Awakening Our Mind – Learn how to Awaken our Mind to create our Future.
  ♠  Empowering Your Life – 100 Things we can change today to personally empower us.
  ♠  Channelling – the enlightened consciousness of the “Blue Ones” channelled through Steve.  Amazing!
  ♠  Guided Meditations – connect to your spiritual family and discover who you are.

To arrange for any of the above events to be run for you and your friends, please Contact Me.


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