Numerology Testimonials

Numerology Testimonials


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[Last Updated 31-Jan-2020]

These Testimonials on Numerology are voluntarily offered.

  • Thanks so much for the info Jo!  It was great to meet you indeed… to wander about (the Psychic Expo) .. and get the message from you which I was hoping to receive – “you are on the right path…keep going!”  So much gratitude to you & I look forward to navigating your web- site & seeing you again down the track!  You were the warm, encouraging Spirit I needed on that day. Thank you. You are clearly a healer ☺️ Cheers, BS (1/2020)
  • “I’m so unbelievably thankful for my numerology reading . I had goose bumps with how accurate the reading was, almost like flicking through a book of my life, and I feel excited and prepared for my future. I feel much clearer on my purpose and am so grateful for the guidance .  Now, I plan to have readings done on both my children, to help further guide and support my parenting role. Thank you so much Jo !!!!xxx”    K.R.    11/2019


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