Spirituality is the process of you in your four bodies – physical, mental, emotional and etheric – re-learning to relate to everything that exists (All-That-Is), both within you and external to you.  The Spiritual Journey is a personal one  to reconnect with Divine Source, and is not a religion. There are no gurus, and no one can do it for you – it is your choice and it is up to you.

Meditation is the basic tool of the Spiritual Journey to begin to discover, explore and experience these relationships. There are four stages of meditation to master:

1. Relaxation, or Inner Peace, which quietens the egoic mind;

2. Transcendental, which opens up the Mind to connect with other parts of ourselves beyond the physical;

3. Guided Meditation, which done correctly, uses metaphors to connect you with your spiritual guides, soul family, and Higher Self and more in order for you to begin to remember “who you are”;

4. Manifestation or Conscious Creation, where you guide yourself through meditation by setting an intent first.
You become “consciously aware” 24/7. This is the basis of self-healing.  You can only “heal” yourself.

The Guided Meditations led by Steve use the first three stages (above) to enable you to identify and release the energy of mental and emotional “baggage” which no longer serves you, and “connects” you to who you are. Best results can be achieved by repeating each Guided Meditation at least 5 to 10 times, and no more than twice per week.

Allow at least 5 minutes to “quieten your mind” before and a further 5 minutes to “ground” after each meditation ends. Choose a warm, quiet and un-disturbed environment, sitting upright in a straight-backed chair, with your feet flat on the floor and your full weight on your tailbone, leaning slightly forward off the back of the chair.

You may feel more relaxed lying on your back, however there is a tendency to go to sleep and miss everything.

To find out more about our Meditations, please contact me.

This list of Steve’s Recorded Meditations is available.

M1101    31-May-11    Soul Family Healing – 48 mins
M1102    06-Jun-11    Discovering Joy – 50 mins
M1103    13-Jun-11    Healing Fear – 44 mins
M1104    15-Jun-11    Meeting Your Higher Self – 27 mins
M1105    20-Jun-11    Meeting and Healing Your Inner Child – 47 mins
M1106    27-Jun-11    Activating Intuition – 42 mins
M1107    04-Jul-11    Healing Self-worth & Receiving – 43 mins
M1108    11-Jul-11    Healing Childhood Traumas – 52 mins
M1109    18-Jul-11    Activating the Chakras – 52 mins
M1110    25-Jul-11    Healing Anger – 46 mins
M1112    01-Aug-11    Creating A Future – 38 mins
M1113    02-Aug-11    Overcoming Fear – 33 mins
M1114    08-Aug-11    Reconnecting to Knowing – 51 mins
M1115    15-Aug-11    Changing Old Behaviours – 54 mins
M1201    17-Jan-12    Aligning With Your Soul Family – 42 mins
M1202    31-Jan-12    Through The Eyes Of Your Higher Self – 38 mins
M1203    07-Feb-12    Finding Your Garden Of Eden – 61 mins
M1204    15-Feb-12    Rejuvenating The Garden – 39 mins
M1205    22-Feb-12    Your Evolving Soul – 43 mins
M1206    27-Feb-12    Soul Family Healing – 50 mins
M1207    29-Feb-12    Meeting Your Masters – 50 mins
M1208    07-Mar-12    The Temple Of Light – 45 mins
M1209    14-Mar-12    Healing Rejection & Abandonment – 43 mins
M1210    21-Mar-12    Resolving Doubt – 30 mins
M1211    29-Mar-12    Induction Into The Golden Age – 53 mins
M1212    04-Apr-12    Enhancing Your Senses – 42 mins
M1213    11-Apr-12    Integrating Your Future Self – 38 mins
M1214    18-Apr-12    Integrating Your Crystalline Light Body – 45 mins
M1215    25-Apr-12    Mastering Your Purpose – 44 mins

Each Meditation is $20 including standard postage within Australia;

  • Available on CD’s or Flash Drives, as the sound files are too large to e-mail.
  • For Flash Drives, add $9.00 per order.
  • 20% discount for 5 or more Meditations per order.
  • Payment by credit/debit card is available.
  • Orders: Please contact me to purchase. 
  • Recordings will be mailed on receipt of payment.

Note:  We are currently evaluating on-line Purchasing and Download of these Recordings.

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