Intuitive Parties



How would you like to hold or attend one of my Intuitive Parties?
An Intuitive Party runs for around 3 hours, and is where you and five or more friends learn and have fun.

You get to experience:

   ♥  Meditation,
   ♥  Working with a Pendulum,
   ♥  Connecting you with your Intuition,
   ♥  Numerology
   ♥  How to Read Cards,
   ♥  Channelling, and
   ♥  Dream Interpretation.

There are three levels of Intuitive Parties –

   ♥  Introductory for people who are relatively new to this area,
   ♥  Intermediate – for people who want to know a lot more, and
   ♥  Advanced – For people who are already experienced and are open to something new.

For further information, and to book an Intuitive Party, please Contact Me.

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