We all have the ability to communicate with our guidance (soul family) at all levels if we are willing.

It is possible to communicate with those who guide us, both those who have lived and passed over, and also for those higher consciousnesses who have never incarnated.

We communicate through a vibrational frequency we call “the 4th Dimension” – which is an interface between the 3rd Dimension (physical) and the Void.

Clairvoyants or “Mediums” usually communicate with those who have passed over into the 4th dimension, whereas “channels” make themselves available for those higher vibrations who have never incarnated to communicate through them.  It is uncommon to do both.

Even with clair-voyant, clair-sentient and clair-audient abilities, it takes a great deal of trust, patience and practice to give over one’s body’s senses and functions to channel. The Conscious Egoic Mind must be stilled.

Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs, you have chosen to incarnate at this time, to raise the vibration of “who you are” towards enlightenment. To do that requires you to deal with your physical layer bodies, release everything that is not appropriate, and return to “Just Is”.

Your “guides” – all of them including your own Higher Self – will NEVER tell you what to do. They simply give their energy to support your decisions, whatever they may be. In connecting to their guidance, you must become aware of how they do that. It is up to YOU – not them. They are there waiting for you to make decisions.

If you are being “told what to do”, in all probability it is your own Conscious Egoic Mind you are hearing, and/or you may have attracted a mischievous or dark energy or entity in the 4th Dimension who has your “ear”. What are you “putting out” ?

My partner Steve learned to channel with his master metaphysical mentor Wendy Munro in the late 1990’s in Perth, Western Australia. Wendy recorded hundreds of channellings all over the world from the 1980’s until her passing over in 2003.  Steve uses a form of self-induced hypnosis to clear his physical layer (conscious) Mind out of the way to allow the “information” to flow freely without any interference.

The consciousness which channels through Steve identify with Steve only as “The Blue Ones” – the highest consciousness of the Sirius star system, who are guiding us in incarnate form (humanity) towards our destiny and evolution at this time. Earth revolves around our Sun every 365 ¼ days. Our Sun revolves around the star-system of Sirius every 25,920 earth years – described in ancient wisdom as “the precession of the equinoxes” that has 12 Ages, each of  2,160 earth years.  We are currently transitioning from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius – enlightenment.

The Blue Ones are one of the highest level of consciousness it is possible to channel in human form until we can evolve further. Their energy is not impacted by our physical opinions, perspectives or beliefs. What they share “just is” and is real. It is our Conscious Mind creates that creates “just isn’t” – or illusion.

Those with clairvoyant abilities can “see” the consciousness of the Blue Ones”, and have confirmed they are what they say, and several well-known clairvoyants have acknowledged Steve as a “pure channel”.

To book a private Channelling or Group Channelling,  please contact me.

This selection of recordings of Steve’s public channelling of the Blue Ones is available. There are too many others to list.

C1007   8-Oct-2010   Byron Bay, NSW
C1008   30-Jul-2010   Perth, WA
C1010   30-Oct-2010   Exeter, Tas
C1011   02-Dec-2010   Buderim, Qld
C1101   04-Apr-2011   Carnegie, Vic
C1101   26-Apr-2011   Damanhur Community, Northern Italy.
C1102   25-May-2011   Exeter, Tas
C1103   02-Jun-2011   Latrobe (The Quiet Cone), Tas
C1104   18-Jun-2011   Mountainside Retreat (near Deloraine), Tas
C1107   28-Oct-2011   Upwey, Vic
C1201   22-Apr-2012   Kindred, Tas
C1301   03-Feb-2013   Hobart, Tas
C1401   24-Jun-2013   Upwey, Vic

Each set (2 CD’s) is $20 including standard postage within Australia;
20% discount for 5 or more per order.
Also available on Flash Drive – Add $9.00 per order.
Payment by credit/debit card is available.

Orders: Please contact me to purchase.  Recordings will be mailed on receipt of payment.

Note:  We are currently evaluating on-line Purchase and Download of these Recordings.

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