Postie Fashions

Postie Fashions

  • Summer Night's Dress - with Slip
  • Summer Night's Dress - Cover
  • Don't Look Back Jacket - Rear
  • Don't Look Back Jacket
  • Farrah Cropped Jeans
  • Forever Young Tank
  • Ren Cargos
  • Can't Resist Skirt
  • Timeless Lace Top
  • Enchanted Knit
  • Paper Moon Top
  • California Top
  • Malibu Sweat
  • Elana Tank
  • Wild Bloom Top
  • Temptation Jacket
  • Always So Slimming Pants
  • Twilight Blouse
  • Sunseeker Jacket
  • Sardinia Tank
  • Piper Top
  • Mackenzie Knit
  • Maya Cami
  • Lyssa Cardigan
  • Lyssa Cardigan
  • Lexington Shirt
  • Lenox Pants
  • Lenox Pants
  • Lenox Crop Jacket
  • Lenox Crop Jacket
  • Lenox Crop Jacket
  • Follow Me Culottes
  • Drifter Pedal Pushers
  • Ali Top
  • Drifter Crop Pants
  • Bono Denim Jacket
  • Antigua Scarf

[Last updated: 27-Sept-2019]

New!  Click on any image to enlarge and explore the Postie Spring 2019 Collection, or you can view the full New Catalogue.  Click on the Catalogue Front Page, then click the bottom right of each page to proceed.

Why has Postie Fashions been one of my Passions for over 25 years?  Postie is a leader in designing, manufacturing absolutely beautiful women’s clothing – designed and mostly made in Australia.

Over 20 years ago, I was going to Postie parties at my friend’s houses, having coffee and cake and sometimes bubbles and nibbles. I loved the awesome clothes, and the most fun part was trying them on and having my friends assist with what looked best on me and then me returning the favour.

After several parties, my Postie Stylist told me she achieved her whole range of clothes for half price or less, went on fully paid overseas trips, and wore beautiful jewellery that were her sales awards.

I was a full-time mum, and here was a new career that I could do that, and also enjoy my “girl-time”.  I became a Postie Stylist, and I still love it today.  Woohoo, that’s me.

I didn’t know that I would become friends with so many people!  We have built relationships that are real keepers both in my local state with Hosts and their friends, and interstate with other Postie Stylists.

Since those early days, I have presented at hundreds of Postie parties, and I have experienced the rewards of many overseas trips, and getting most of my clothing for free or at significantly reduced prices.

Today with Postie Fashions being so available on the internet, I prefer to help ladies out over the phone or on line.   First, I have them look at the range on line and then contact me for confirmation of fabric, styles etc.  Because I have usually helped these ladies face to face at parties, I know them, I know their size preferences and what suits their body shape, so I am able to continue MiPassion of Fashion on-line to assist them.

When they feel comfortable doing it, some ladies like to order their own clothes on line via my Postie website. They still enjoy the same refunds and returns policy as as if they had been to a Postie Party, and there is no requirement to keep it, if it isn’t what was expected.

If you love shopping, friends and quality clothing, please take a look at my Postie website and drop me a line to let me know how your day is and you can also visit my Postie Facebook page.

L  Jo  🙂


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