06-September-2018:   I have just read the best book ever!  It’s called “Have you got the Guts to be Really Healthy”.   This book will challenge almost everything you have ever learned about real health, and it reads exactly like what I have put into practice over the past 10 years so that I don’t get sick or tired any more.  You can get my new Favourite Health Book here.

01-June-2018:   Miessence is pleased to announce the availability of the new and improved Fulvic Acids, now called “Fulvic and Humic Substances”.   The new product is in powder form, and delivers greater benefits compared to the previous liquid Fulvic Acids.  This product is delivers amazing benefits for those wishing to detox.

01-October-2016:   The news is out that FAST Weightloss Superfood is the BEST way to achieve fast, sustained weight loss and it’s coming soon!  Preliminary testing is showing outstanding results, with average weight loss of 3Kg over 3 days.  Click here for details.

01-July-2016:  Miessence announces a monthly 10-day Organic Challenge program.  Would you like to experience an increase in energy?  Or see improvements in your mood, sleep, digestion, skin and hair all while eliminating toxins from your body?  All this can be yours by simply adding raw, organic nourishment from the Miessence superfoods!   Click here for more details, or to get started straight away, click here.

01-May-2015:  We are pleased to announce regular Introduction to Miessence evenings around Tasmania called “Organic Revolution”.  This is an information event, not a “sales pitch”.  You are cordially invited, and we encourage you to bring your friends along.  There is no charge.  Click here for details.

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