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[Last updated: 03-Feb-2020]

03-February-2020:   SALE!!  Mipassion is overstocked with a number of Miessence products we had hoped to sell at Markets, and have multiples of the following Products available For SALE now.  Everything listed is approximately 25% discount on Retail Price, and all products are well within use-by dates.  Orders over $200 are freight-free within Australia.  Visa/Mastercard accepted.  Some items are limited, first in, first served.   Please go to our SALE PAGE for details.

01-February-2020:   The Quantum Energy products previously available from AEGEA/Energentics, will be available directly from the manufacturer, Natures Frequencies, as of February 12th 2020.  Please refer to our Quantum Energy page for more details.

31-October-2019:   We will be at the Healthy Energy Connections event at the Reseed Centre in Penguin, Tas on Saturday November 23rd from 10am to 4pm.  Talks, stalls and clairvoyant readings.  Click on the event name for details.

18-September-2019:   AEGEA/Energentics is a Company that markets remarkable Quantum Resonance Energy products to improve our Health and Well-Being.  We first looked at this Company for protection against cellphone EMF’s and smart meters (electro-smog) and found all of their Products we tested to be extraordinary.  Refer to News Item dated 01-February 2020 above.

15-August-2019:  Website:  The Home Page has been changed to provide an easy-to-use Website map for those with mobile phones.  Go to the Site Map, turn your phone sideways, and tap 🙂

28-July-2019:  Intuitive PartiesAfter 15 years I am back helping create learning while you are having fun with Intuitive PartiesI am looking forward to the interaction with like-minded people, learning and sharing with you.

13-January-2019:   A page on Pure Water has been added to the My Passions Tab.  Clean Water has been one of my passions for a long time, and you will clearly see why when you browse this page.

 01-January-2019:   This website has been upgraded to include my Numerology offerings, and the effects of Radiation from Cell Phones and Microwaves.  Our Library has been upgraded, and sub-menus have been added to make it easy to find everything at this website.  Check the My Passions tab.  

06-September-2018:   Gut Health:  I have just read the best book ever!  It’s called “Have you got the Guts to be Really Healthy“.   This book will challenge almost everything you have ever learned about real health, and it reads exactly like what I have put into practice over the past 10 years so that I don’t get sick or tired any more.  You can get this Book here.


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