More and more studies are emerging showing the harmful effects on the human body of various levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMF/EMR) and Ionising Radiation.  Radiation is best described as “energy travelling in space” and is measured in wavelengths.  

Electromagnetic Radiation is energy emanating from many devices and appliances including microwave ovens, mobile phones, tablets and computers, and many household electronic devices and LED device screens including Flat-screen TVs.  Wikipedia has an excellent reference article here.

I first became concerned about the effects of EMF when I noticed I was getting migraines again, and feeling like I had a hang-over when I hadn’t had any alcohol.  After watching the awesome presentation (see below), I made certain changes and I no longer have these symptoms.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to minimise the effects of EMF/EMR.

Please click here to watch an awesome presentation made by Dr Devra Davis at the University of Melbourne in 2015.  A six-minute “summary clip” from this presentation can be viewed hereThis video is essential viewing for anyone wanting to know about the effects of EMF or EMR from mobile devices. 

There is a huge awakening happening about the effects on the human body of 4G and 5G mobile devices, as 5G is now being rolled out in Australia, for example studies link cell phone radiation to health issues in children and unborn babies.

Click here for excellent information about what microwave ovens do to food – you will be amazed! and want to seek alternatives.

Click here to see how you can dramatically reduce your exposure to EMF/EMR.  I am an Affilliate of Earthingoz, and your purchases will help us pay for this website.

It is up to us individually and collectively to research and make informed choices to live a healthy life.




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