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Mipassion is proud to partner with OneGroup Pty Ltd – leading the world with Certified Organic products.

“Certified Organic” means that products are tested by an independent third party Certifying Body (ACO) to confirm there are no toxins of ANY description in any of the products, no synthetic chemicals and no GMO’s (no Genetically Modified Organisms, and neither the Products nor ANY Ingredient in them are tested on animals.

One Group Pty Ltd is an Australian company based on the Gold Coast of Queensland that makes over 70 Certified Organic products under the Miessence brand and sells into many countries. Please click here to discover the great Miessence Certified Organic range.  Enjoy Miessence certified organic products knowing that you will be using the most potent, freshest and purest products on the planet!

You can also purchase these and other One Group brands such as Platypus, Soap Guru and Ultrafoods.   If you are a Retailer, there are special discounts applying to these Retailer brands.  Please contact us for further details. 

You can purchase Miessence products on-line as a Retail customer, enjoying discounts of up to 40%, or you can become part of our Team of Miessence Partners enjoying the same great discounts, with added benefits. 

These benefits start when you refer your friends to Miessence, and they purchase on-line. You can enjoy free Miessence products, and over time earn part-time or even replacement income.  It’s easy when you share what you love.

Place your first Miessence Order at Shop On-line  at this website to correctly identify the person who referred you to Miessence.  For future orders, Login using your e-mail address and the password you supplied when creating your first Order, at www.miessence.com/mipassion

If you would like an additional 5% Discount Voucher for your first order with our compliments, please click Here.

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