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[Last updated: 12-Oct-2019]

Q:  Who is AEGEA and what is Energentics?

A:  AEGEA is a USA based Company that began in 2011.  The name AEGEA originates from Greek mythology.  Both AEGEA and Energentics are trademarked names for the Company’s Energy Products which were first unveiled in February 2018.  The Technology is Patented.  Please watch this video to learn more.

Q: What Is the Technology Behind Energentics Products?

A:   The Energentics Technology is Patented.  Click for a good description of the Technology. < Click or tap

Q:  How do you know Energentics Products work?

A:  We have personally tested most of them, and can confirm that they work as stated by Energentics.  Please see our Testimonials Page. If you are as delighted with the products as we are, please share your Testimonial with us.

Q:  How Long Do Energentics Products Last?

A:  These dates apply from opening the packet, and are an approximate guide.

  • Quantum Card – a minimum of 3 years
  • EMF patches, Freshness Card, and Pet disc – about 1 year.
  • Relief, Nitro and Burn patches – 48 to 72 hours after application of a patch.

Q:  Can I purchase Energentics Products in Retail shops?

A:   Not that we are aware of.  These Products are only available on-line, by Introduction to Energentics by an Energentics Affiliate.  You will require their web-link, and/or their Energentics Associate ID to order Energentics products.  This is our web-link and our Associate ID is 114189.

Q:  How do I Order Energentics Products?

A:  Firstly, Please Read our Clear and Concise Guide To Ordering from Energentics which steps you through placing your First Order.  When you are ready to Shop, click here.  Remember to use the Link given to you by your referrer, and/or their Energentics Associate ID if required.  You will need it.

Q:  How Do I Use Energentics Products?

A:   Suggestions are included with every product.

Q:  Am I Required to Place a Regular Order with Energentics?

A:  Energentics Customers can order whenever they wish. Energentics Brand Partners are required to place a regular Order of at least 40BV ($US79 – approx $AUD120) within 30 days of their Last Purchase to remain Active and receive Payments from the Binary Plan.  Alternately, the optional monthly Smart Ship will keep you Active, providing your Credit Card is not declined.   Note:

  • unless cancelled, Smart Ship will run even if a qualifying Order has already been placed.
  • Brand Partners will always receive Commissions from their direct referrals, however if they are inactive, they will miss out on Bonus Payments from the Binary.
  • The packs of Burn, Nitro and Relief patches will normally last for one month, and are ideal for Smart Ship orders.

Q:  What if I am not happy with the Products and want a refund?

A:  Energentics will accept your Return and fully Refund you.  Please Return it to the Address from the back of the Envelope you received it in, together with the Reasons why you are returning it.  Note:  There is a 2 week refund policy

Q:  What is the best way to share these Products with my friends?

A:   These Products are best shared “face to face” with people, telling them of your own personal experiences, or experiences you  are personally aware of.  They will then want to buy their own Products on-line through your Energentics web-link page.

Q:  What Training on Energentics is available?

A:   As successful Brand Partners, we are committed to providing support for Brand Partners we personally refer to Energentics, and help you learn, as you will do for your people when they Join. 

  • Successful Referral Marketing is about duplication.  Do as your referrer does.
  • Energentics have senior Brand Partners and Management people who regularly do Training Sessions on Zoom, and you are always welcome to join them. 
  • We are working on a Training Web-page, and Details will be available when it is ready.
  • We are available to do Presentations if we are in your area.  Note: A minimum of 6 people is required.

Q:  How Do I Join Energentics private Facebook page?

A:  You need to be Invited.   If you wish to be Invited, please contact me or leave me a message at my  Facebook Page.

Q:  Is this a Pyramid Scheme?

A:  Absolutely not! Pyramid schemes are illegal in many countries, including Australia.  Energentics is in full compliance with Australian laws, and Affiliates are only paid from Product sales and Growth Bonuses, just like a shop owner makes profit on sales.  Click here to read what Wikipedia says about Pyramid Schemes.  For more information on the Energentics Affiliate Pay Plan, login to energetics.com and click Comp Plan which is under OPPORTUNITY.  If you need additional information, please contact me.

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Energentics Products Technology Testimonials

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