Energentics Testimonials

ENERGENTICS™ Testimonials


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[Last updated: 04-Nov-2019]

  These Testimonials are voluntarily offered and are not to be construed under any circumstances as “Medical Advice”.


“After using this magical Quantum Hemp Oil, pleased to see my Pulse has dropped from 90 down to 70.”    K.W     11/19


“I have difficulty flying because the air pressure causes my ears to hurt real bad so it’s been years since I flew.  A week ago I flew to Brisbane from Sydney and back with my Energentics Quantum Card in my top jacket.  Well what a surprise!  No pain or discomfort.  So happy with that.”   G.P.   10/19


“My Energentics Quantum Card is worn 24/7 and I have had relief from severe pain from a cancer on my arm and healed 6 others as over 3 months last November 2018 flowers live longer in my water that I use the card in protects my body that carries my spirit love and light.”     H.B.    10/19


“I bought some flowers on Wednesday and placed them in a vase. One of the flowers in the middle is drooping and so I waved our Energentics Quantum Card over it for about a minute, and then placed our Energentics Freshness Card under the base and left it overnight. Not only did the drooping flowers revitalise, all of the flowers looked like they’d just been picked. Just imagine what this does to your body, air, food and water!”    K.W.  10/19


“I originally looked at Energentics because I was sensitive to being around smart meters in homes, most wireless devices and general radiation from day to day living. Within a week of using the Quantum Card in conjunction with the Nitro and Relief patches with my body, and the EMF patches with my phone and wireless devices, the dizziness in my head stopped and I was able to walk more easily and accomplish a couple of stretching exercises that I had not been able to do previously. They work, and I am delighted!”    J.R.  09/19


“Having worked with Health and Energy for a long time, I was sceptical when I first heard about Energentics, and I used the Quantum Energy Card, and placed EMF patches on my computer, wireless router and phone, which resulted in the best sleeps I have had in many years.  My scepticism was blown away, and I can recommend these awesome products to everyone.  Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, and now Energised, Protected and Happy Body!”  S.B.  09/19


“Dupuytren’s Contracture is a progressive disease of the hand.  I put a Nitric Oxide patch on the inside of my grandmother’s right wrist yesterday and the effect was almost immediate and hard to believe.  Tonight, the effects of N Oxide are still evident!  This tiny little qubit/patch is powerful!”   G.M.  08/19


This is my Testimonial for Energentics Pet cards.  My two dogs have been suffering horrendously everyday, puffing, always boiling hot. I’d put my hand on their belly or back they felt extremely hotter than the norm. They were always being sick, vomiting , not eating and when they had eaten they‘d vomit, bone weakness, lack of energy, uncomfortable when trying to relax when it isn’t even hot. Their bodies have been cooked everyday with the 5G towers/ large poles with many panels. There are so many Towers here in Townsville and they are going up one after the in a wink of an eye.  It is very sickening to see the ill health of my beloved pets for many months now, until last week when I purchased 3 Energentics Pet cards. They have been wearing the Pet Cards for 1 week and they have more energy.  Their eyes/alertness is amazing, the stiffness has gotten better, there is no vomiting from any of them, they can sleep peacefully without being fried by the 5G, so many wonderful changes and all for the better. Lilly and Deadly are 13 years old.”    W.S    08/19


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