My Passions

My Passions


Do you get regular colds and flu’s, tiredness, fatigue, pain? Why would you want to endure the pain and misery of sickness, illness, chronic and debilitating conditions and diseases, when they can all be eliminated over time by rejuvenating and strengthening your immune system.

I am a walking testimony to what is written on this website.  It is my first “book”, written to share how I healed myself and became super-healthy.  Read about:

  • Enjoying the Healing Benefits of an Alkaline Diet,
  • Learning about Gut Health. how it affects us, and how to heal it.
  • Learning how to build up our Immune System to make us super healthy,
  • Learning how to recognise Toxic Chemicals in everyday products we use that Impact Our Health, and how to avoid them,
  • Learning about the effects that EMF’s and Radiation have on our health, and how to minimise their impact.
  • Detoxifying our Bodies of synthetic chemicals, heavy metals and other foreign matter,
  • How our Spirituality relates to our Mind,
  • How our Mind influences our Health – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • How to release negative emotions and thoughts from our Mind that impact our health.
  • How to Awaken and Activate the Spiritual part of us to bring us to a state of Joy 🙂

and much more!

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