Scientific research is now proving that the “Fluoride” added to toothpaste and domestic water supplies is causing major health damage to humans.  So much so, that many countries have banned it.  Watch this 12 second video.

When you have water or hot drinks at a cafe, club, street van or restaurant, there is a very high chance you are drinking and ingesting fluoride, along with many other toxic chemicals.  They say it’s “filtered”?  There is only one way to remove Fluoride from water.  Click Clean Water to find out how.

Whatever your opinions are about Fluoride, please review these statements by scientists, doctors and other professionals, then you can make an informed choice, as I did.

If reviewing the below information shocks you, the changes start here.

The following was written in 2001 by a retired Dentist who wishes to remain anonymous.

What is Fluoride


If reviewing the above information has shocked you, the changes start here.

Water is the essence of all life. Without clean water, we degenerate and die.

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