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Recent research has discovered that many chemicals added to products we use very day including our foods, personal care, gardening products and even prescription pharmaceuticals are damaging to human health

In Australia, manufacturers of products intended for human consumption or use are NOT required to disclose all of the ingredients in their products, resulting in products being dishonestly labelled and advertised as Organic, Pure, Natural and other similar terms actually having some very toxic ingredients in them that are toxic to humans and toxic to the planet.  This practice has been labelled Greenwashing.  A number of good examples of greenwashing can be viewed at this website.

When a product is Certified Organic, you can be certain there are no toxic chemicals in the product.

While some chemicals and product groups are partially regulated, the majority of synthetic chemicals have not been assessed for their effects on human health. 

Because some countries like China demand that manufactured chemicals intended for use by humans must be tested on animals, it follows that the majority of chemicals used in most products that are used world-wide have been tested on animals.  Would you be surprised to learn that a large percentage of chemicals used in products by western manufacturers today (2019), are manufactured in China.

Product manufacturers can state (often dishonestly) that their Products have not been tested on animals, even if some of the ingredients used in  that product have been. This was discovered while reviewing Manufacturer Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), which ingredients manufacturers must produce.

This Section is an easy-to-read, easy to find reference for ingredients and products that are known to be TOXIC to the human body. Click a Navigation Tab to find what our research has discovered, and why you should avoid certain products or products containing certain ingredients. 

After learning about this, ultimately it is your choice to use or avoid products, or products using synthetic ingredients that are shown in this section.


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