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Q:  There are many companies claiming their products are “natural”, “organic”, healthy”, “safe”, and “beneficial”.  Why did you choose Miessence?

A:  It is Australian, Certified Organic, Sustainable, and no ingredient or product is tested on animals.  Part of our research covered Standards.  Every stage of the process from growing, harvesting, processing and packaging is Certified Organic.  We found that Miessence has the healthiest, safest and most beneficial products available, with most products Certified Organic to “Food Grade”, and the rest Organic with beneficial, non-toxic ingredients.  That was very important for us, and the following chart was a real eye-opener.  Check your current products for these labels:

Cert1This chart confirmed that our intuition to go with Miessence was correct.  Also see About Us.

Q:   Why do you have this website?   Can’t I just Order at the Miessence website?

A:   Miessence Business Model is Referral Marketing, and we prefer that those we refer order on-line themselves.  You have been referred to Miessence by one of our Team.  That is our Business.  Creating an account with Miessence via this website at “Shop Online” ensures that your initial order is processed correctly without delay, and that you are part of the Mipassion Team, which means we are available to help you with any queries.   Once you have placed your first order and your account is opened, you can “Login” at Miessence to place your future orders.

Q:   If Miessence is a “Referral Marketing” Company, is it a pyramid scheme?

A:   Absolutely not!   Pyramid schemes are illegal in many countries, including Australia.  Miessence is in full compliance with Australian laws, and Miessence  Representatives are only paid from the Product sales of those they refer to Miessence, just like a normal shop owner makes a profit on sales.  Click here to read what Wikipedia says about Pyramid Schemes.  For more information on the Miessence Representative Pay Plan,  please contact us.

Q:   Which ingredients does Miessence use in its Products?

A:   Click here for a full listing and description of Miessence clean, toxin-free and certified organic ingredients.

Q:   Which ingredients does Miessence NOT use in its Products?

A:   Click here for a listing of ingredients that Miessence shuns.  Clicking on each gives you a description.  Hazardous ingredients have direct quotes from the internationally recognised Materials Safety Data Sheets.  Many cosmetic ingredients are known to cause skin irritations and/or are known carcinogens  Check all ingredients in products you use, and use anything listed here at your own risk!

Q:   If I have created an Account as a Customer or Lifestyle Member, get to love the Products and wish to refer my friends to Miessence, how can I become a Miessence Representative?

A:   “Login” to your account at Miessence, click on Miaccount > Account Management and choose “Upgrade to a Representative” in the month before your friends Join at your new Miessence website.  Please contact us first, to discuss the options available.   You can always “Downgrade” back to a Lifestyle Member by the same process.

Q:   How to change my details with Miessence?

A:   When you “Login” to your Account, click on Miaccount > Account Management.  You can change most things here, except for your e-mail address.  To change your e-mail address, please e-mail <support@miessence.com>

Q:   I have an Account and I have just changed my e-mail address.  How do I change my Login ?

A:   Send an e-mail to support@miessence.com, or call them in QLD on +617-5539-2011 during office hours.  Also let us know, so we can stay in touch  🙂

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