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      Video:  The Dirty Secrets of the Cosmetics IndustryNew!

      Video:  The Toxic Six ExplainedNew!

      Video:  What is Chlorella and Why We Need It?New!

      Video:  Toxins Around Your HomeNew!

      Video:  Why Chemical-Free?  – New!    You will be amazed at this!

      Video:  12 Things You Eat That Are a LieNew!

      Video:  10 Beauty Products You’ll NEVER Buy AgainNew!

      Video:  Deadly Ingredients In Your Skincare  – New!

      Video:  The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation (short)New!

      Video:  The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation (long) New!

      Video:  Eeeeew!   What you just ate for lunch!  (about Tassie Salmon)  – Dr David Suzuki

      Video:  How Canola Oil Is Made

      Video:  The Parasite The Government Is Trying To Hide

      Video:  The Invisible Universe Of The Human Microbiome

      Video:  James Wildeman – This Man Makes You Think

Documents & Articles:   (click to download)


    Article:   Glass vs Plastic – 3 page pdf

    Article:   List of Alkaline and Acidic Foods –    1 page pdf

    Article:   Studies Show Benefits Of 3-Day Fasts For System Healing – 1 page pdf

    Article:   A Guide To Healthy Weight Loss Detox Rejuvenation  – 20 page pdf

    Comparison:     Fulvic Acids Competitive Analysis – 6 page pdf

    Comparison:    Complete Protein Competitive Analysis – 10 page pdf

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